Rally at Sculpture Park - 7th April

Flashbacks to the devastating bushfires that ravaged Perth Hills are fuelling intense opposition to a new development.

A townsite has been proposed in a fire-prone area, with more than one thousand people rallying to have it scrapped.

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Ken Wyatt speaks in the Federation Chamber - 3rd April

A big thank you from Save Perth Hills and our community to the Hon. Ken Wyatt for raising the issue of North Stoneville today in the Federation Chamber, Canberra.

The Hills are indeed the ‘Lungs of Perth’, providing not just clean air, but clean water, country escapes, recreation and well-being to all of Perth. Urban sprawl has no place here.

We look forward to seeing all of the MP’s and Councillors we have invited on Sunday to see our community joined in action against the proposed Structure Plan for North Stoneville.

I spoke today in the Federation Chamber of Parliament House about my support for Save Perth Hills in their fight against the #NorthStoneville Development.

I will attend the Save Perth Hills - Rally on Sunday 7th April, 10:30 - 11:30 and encourage locals to come along and share their story in the area and views on the development.

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Remove signs says Mundaring - The Echo 2 March

Save Perth Hills signage has come under fire with the Shire of Mundaring requesting their removal this week.

Residents supporting the Save Perth Hills movement, a campaign against high density development in the proposed North Stoneville townsite, received calls from Shire staff members to take down associated signs.
Residents, developers at odds over North Stoneville development plans. - The Echo - 19th Jan 2019


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Battle over Stoneville Housing Estate - perthnow 3rd Jan

Residents oppose North Stoneville development plans - Hills Gazette - 8th Jan 2019

A STONEVILLE family say the existing road network is woefully inadequate to cope with the increase in traffic if Satterley’s North Stoneville development pushes ahead.

In their submission to the Shire of Mundaring, Peter and Paige McNeil, who have two properties adjoining the development, called for a new transport impact assessment to be commissioned.

“The proposal does not contain transport infrastructure upgrades to account for double the amount of vehicle movements or for the provision of public transport to service the increased population,” they said.