Stoneville residents can lay claim to their own pair of Wedge-tailed Eagles which have several nest sites in the proposed site for North Stoneville. These images were captured on 25th March 2019 from the boundary of the property. The Eagles join a mix of biodiversity unique to SW Australia and the Darling Scarp. The plants and animals we share Perth's Backyard with are found nowhere else on our planet.

North Stoneville is NOT A DONE DEAL and this poorly conceived structure plan can be stopped!


SIMON CHERRIMAN's comments when he saw these photographs on Facebook. Simon is a Perth Hills resident and a PhD specialising in wedge-tailed eagles.

AMAZING record!! The bird in flight in the second photo is the juvenile 'Bridya', named by the Hon Ken Wyatt when banded in October 2018. You can actually see her yellow leg ring (left leg) if you use 'eagle eyes'! I'm attaching a pic of her just before she fledged in December. The other bird featured is one of her parents - it appears to be the female based on size. The presence of these magnificent birds is one of many reasons this site should not be subject to high density housing development - it should be made an Environmental Education reserve and if I had a philanthropist handy I'd action that asap!!

simon eagle.jpg

'Where will they go?': Hills residents fear for wildlife in wake of subdivision plans

This WAtoday article provides a great summary of our concerns for wildlife in the area.