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Bushfire Recommendations

For 31 years SPH has refused to accept the unacceptable - and we continue to do so... We have always maintained that homes for 4000 people should not be built in an area considered by DFES to be an extreme fire risk zone..... ...Yet here we are STILL having the conversation....

Earlier this year, this Perth Hills community eagerly awaited the release of the independent review into the 2021 Wooroloo bushfire... One of the 13 recommendations asked for DFES advice to be followed and have more say when it comes to planning - this advice was not taken up by the State Government... WHY?

The DFES Commissioner is well-placed to provide safer standards for planning in fire prone areas. As it stands, DFES advice can be 'noted' but not enforced.

That. MUST. Change.

As we head towards the warmer months - this article by is a reminder of the issue and why better standards will be safer for all.

Tomorrow, we will be launching our petition on the State Government to reconsider its position. Stay tuned!

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