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Campaigners call for special electors' meeting.

By Claire Ottaviano

MUNDARING residents have called for a special meeting of electors to vote on a motion requesting the Council reject the North Stoneville structure plan.

On behalf of campaign group Save Perth Hills, secretary Paige McNeil submitted the petition on Wednesday with more than 160 signatures – well above the number required to trigger the meeting.

According to the Local Government Act, the meeting must be held no more than 35 days after the Shire president receives the request.

When the petition was submitted, there were 41 days until council was scheduled to make its recommendation to the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) regarding structure plan 34.

In the petition introduction Ms McNeil said the aim of the meeting was to state the communities “will” that councillors vote no when the decision comes before them on August 27.

Ms McNeil told Echo News it was the community’s perception that council would support the development because of a precedent set by the Mount Helena structure Plan 77, approved despite fire and environment concerns in April this year.

“The reason why we’re calling this and asking them to vote no is because, if in the future, there are fatal repercussions because of this decision, we want it in the record that the community said no,” she said.

“Also there’s a precedent set by Mount Helena SP77, the WAPC said no, DFES said no, but the Minister said yes.

“We believe the experts and WAPC, as they did with Mount Helena, will probably advise against it and we don’t want the same situation as Mount Helena where the Minister says yes because the Shire has supported it.”

DFES’ recommendation and other submissions will not be available until the agenda for the August meeting is made available

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