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Hearing Adjourned

There was a very important hearing scheduled at the State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) today, where Satterley and North $toneville landowner, the Anglican Church, are trying to REVERSE the REJECTION of their dangerous and destructive North Stoneville plan. We understand that the hearing was going to be all about Bushfire Dangers at North Stoneville. Inexplicably, the hearing was ‘adjourned’ - at the last minute... But neither Nigel Satterley - nor Anglican Archbishop Kay Goldsworthy - who stand to make hundreds of million dollars out of North Stoneville, have bothered to tell us why...

We wonder, after last week’s catastrophic bushfires... has the penny finally dropped that cramming 4000 people into an Extreme Bushfire Zone IS a really bad idea?

As one of our supporters has suggested: Perhaps Nigel Satterley and Archbishop Goldsworthy could come up and visit the devastated areas and see the destruction to experience the real life impact on the community.

Then, perhaps they can turn their North Stoneville desk-top exercise into something a little more real.

So, when their mediation hearing on Bushfire Dangers is re-scheduled, they could offer some valuable insight - and perhaps draw the common-sense conclusion that urbanising Perth’s Hills is no longer an option.

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