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We LOVE that headline – front page of this week’s ‘Post’ newspaper. After a 20-year Community battle, University of WA has withdrawn plans to bulldoze Shenton Park bushland for 260 houses. It’s a timely reminder that correct decisions CAN be made, and that local Communities CAN drive them. No matter how long it takes!! Two weeks today, on Nov 4, a significant decision will be made about our own 31-year saga called ‘North Stoneville.’ We call on ‘North $toneville’ landowner, the Anglican Diocese, and its business partner, $atterley, to follow UWA’s lead – and withdraw their ‘North $toneville’ plan that will endanger thousands of people and destroy 550-hectares of Hills’ environment. Save Perth Hills congratulates Friends of Underwood Avenue Bushland in never giving up to protect an important pocket of Perth’s diminishing bushland. And we remind $atterley and the Anglican Diocese – our Community commitment, to protect our lives and the Hills’ environment, remains a strong as ever – 31 years on...

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