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Matthew Hughes attends meeting on SP34

I obtained leave from Parliament to attend the Mundaring Shire Council meeting last night for the debate and Council recommendation to the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) regarding the North Stoneville Structure Plan 34. Over 1000 people opposed to the structure plan attend the meeting that had to be held in the Mundaring Arena. The Council unanimously recommended that the WAPC not approve SP34 on a number of significant planning grounds and in the knowledge that the nature and scale of the development is not appropriate. It is to be hoped that the WAPC, which is the decision making body, heeds the view of the Council and the community it represents. The Anglican Church and the Anglican Trustees should seriously reconsider their position on this matter. My view is that the processes that have brought the owner of the land and the developer to this position point to how outdated and outmoded the statutory planning processes are. Urgent change is needed.

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