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Paige McNeil - Crusader to Councillor!

Massive congrats to our own Paige McNeil, former SPH Chair, who's been elected, UN-OPPOSED to Mundaring Shire Council - Central Ward, on a 'Community First' platform! (No surprises there!! ) Paige's uncontested victory is a significant, solid signal to $atterley, the Anglican Church, developers, bureaucrats and politicians alike that OUR Community will not accept being blind-sided, ignored or insulted by those who want to destroy our unique Hills' culture and environment, and put their profits ahead of Hills' bushfire safety. Paige has worked relentlessly to prevent dangerous and destructive urbanisation in the Hills - leading the charge in SPH's efforts to return North $toneville to a safer Rural zoning, and to secure the Mundaring Council and WA Planning Commission's REJECTIONS of $atterley's disastrous 'North $toneville' plan. Proudly, Mundaring Council now features TWO committed, former SPH Chairs! Paige joins Councillor Amy Collins for Shire of Mundaring for Shire of Mundaring in representing our community's environmental and bushfire safety priorities in the Council Chamber. While we still have lots of work to do with $atterley's appeal and the re-zone application, Paige's elevation to Council is a watershed moment for our community. In Paige's own words: 'I'm humbled by this result and look forward to rolling up my sleeves and representing the good people of the Shire of Mundaring to ensure the Community Voice is heard and acted upon.' Bring it on, Paige McNeil Councillor Elect ! * Stay tuned for our Council Election Campaign to determine Council candidates' position on the 'North $toneville' disaster plan.

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