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Perth Hills Pub Test 1

You might be thinking, what's next for proposed North $toneville?

Well, it will soon be DECISION TIME over at the WA Planning Commission. That is the next BIG step in the process. Given everything that's happened over the past year, we reckon it's important to make sure this community is given a 'FAIR GO' by those involved in proceedings...

So tonight we launch the 'Perth Hills PUB TEST' 🍻 ...the first in a series of posts asking you what you think about some of the official positions and links. Are they a conflict or are they OK? Here's your chance to be the judge and jury...

QUESTION: Do you have an issue with David Caddy as Chairman of the WA Planning Commission?

You might recall a few weeks back, Nine News Perth political reporter, Gary Adshead ran a report regarding North Stoneville. He reported on several potential conflicts of interest related to the decision making process for SP-34.

Is David Caddy conflicted?

• He has business links to Satterley through the Carawatha Display Village in Willagee.

• His wife is a member of the Anglican Synod.

• He's a current member of the Anglican Perth Diocese Architectural committee. (Remember that the Anglican Church is the landowner of proposed North Stoneville...)

• Prior to David Caddy’s appointment as Chairman of WAPC and member of WAPC Strategic Planning Committee in April 2018, David Caddy was founder and Executive Chairman of TPG Town Planning, Urban Design + Heritage (In April 2018 TPG +Place Match, ‘Perth’s largest urban planning firm’ changed its name to Element WA). We understand Mr Caddy is still a director of this urban planning firm?

We're asking all of Perth... does this pass the pub test? Please let us know in your comments below.

Stay tuned, much more to follow...


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