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🍻 Perth Hills Pub Test #3 🍻

Good people - we’re back at the pub for a THIRD Perth Hills Pub Test… 🙄

CAUTION: You might need a few minutes (drinks) for this one….

This time around we have Jane Bennett who is a Western Australian Planning Commission member. Ms Bennett has a significant background in property…

• There are former and on-going business links with Satterley Property Group. In particular the CLE and Satterley business relationship on the Austin Lakes Development. More on that below…

• Ms Bennett has held prominent and leadership positions on pro-development organisations such as UDIA, Landcorp, and the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority. Specifically, Ms Bennett is Vice President UDIA WA Council and Chair UDIA WA Land Use Planning Standing Advisory Committee, Director of CLE Town Planning + Design, Council of the Urban Development Institute of Australia, Western Australia Division Incorporated, Board member of MRA Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority and LandCorp

**Satterley’s Austin Lakes Development** won UDIA Awards in 2012 and 2013:

🏆 2012 UDIA State Award for Environmental Excellence

🏆 2013 UDIA National Award for Environmental Excellence

🏆 2019 WA Awards for Excellence on September 21st, Satterley’s Dalyellup Beach Estate was named the Winner of the Masterplanned Development Category.

🏆 2019 WA Awards: Ray Stokes – Satterley’s Chief Planner – and Executive for North Stoneville was awarded life membership.

We QUESTION Jane Bennett’s capacity, in her position as UDIA Vice President, to be impartial with regards to consideration and determination of SP34 which proposes an urban development led by Satterley Property Group. SP34 is within an environmentally sensitive and extreme fire risk rural setting without appropriate infrastructure to support it.

Additionally, UDIA Vice President, Jane Bennett has a working relationship with Darren Walsh, Chair of the Environment Committee UDIA WA and Chief Executive Officer and Senior Principal Strategen Environmental. Prior to Strategen, Darren Walsh was the National General Manager of Satterley Property Group 🧐

🎤🎤 Strategen Environmental was commissioned by Satterley Property Group to complete the SP34 Environmental Assessment at North Stoneville 🎤🎤 (mic drop)

Save Perth Hills Inc has highlighted the lack of rigor and deficiencies of the Environmental Assessment Report. Strategen Environmental has recently merged with JBS&G.

We understand that Jane Bennett has other business links with Satterley Property Group, specifically with the former WAPC Secretary and current Satterley Chief Executive Planner Ray Stokes, on namely Dalyellup and Ocean Springs projects.

Satterley’s Dalyellup was a major award winner at this year’s UDIA Awards ceremony – sponsored by the WAPC:

“Heading to the South West, Dalyellup Beach Estate by Satterley Property Group and Department of Communities proved that over two decades this development has stood the test of time, winning in the category for best Masterplanned Development in the State.”

(CLE Town Planning + Design is also presented as Chappell Lambert Everett Town Planning & Design (CLE).)

Sooooo… what do you reckon? 🍻 OR 👎


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