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Pub Test #6

Hey everyone! There really shouldn’t be this many pub tests…. One would be enough 🥴 but here we are with NUMBER SIX…. And we think it might open your eyes very wide indeed...

The UDIA Awards showcase the work being done by private developers. That is fair enough….

But, what seems potentially unfair is that the awards are sponsored by the WAPC… 😳 at Bunker Bay Resort... The WAPC are THE Platinum Sponsor.

In September this year, Satterley Property Group received several UDIA awards and Ray Stokes, Satterley’s Chief Planner - of North Stoneville, and FORMER Secretary of WAPC – with an association going back to at least 2002 on the North Stoneville plan, was awarded the most ‘coveted award’ of all - Life Membership of the UDIA.

We assert the WAPC, overall, is irrevocably conflicted via its “Platinum Sponsorship’ of this annual event which is also not in the interests of WA taxpayers. The WAPC is required to be an objective statutory planning authority, not an award sponsor for a private organisation that exists to acknowledge, promote, support and benefit from private urban development that can require formal approval of the WAPC - such as Satterley and Ray Stokes’ North Stoneville proposal!

Do we even need to ASK? Does this ☝️ PASS the Pub Test?

P.S. As we reported in Pub Test #3 🍺 Jane Bennett, is a WAPC Commission member and a high ranking member of the UDIA WA Council .


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