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Royal Commission Reports

💥****** BREAKING NEWS ******💥

Australia's Bushfire Royal Commission announces:


So, as we swelter in a 37-degrees SPRING day 🥵 and, just 4 days before Satterley and the Anglican Church's outrageous Appeal begins against the REJECTION of their dangerous and destructive North Stoneville development 🔥, some sobering findings from the Royal Commission into the disastrous 2020 Bushfire season.

The Inquiry has delivered 80 recommendations from that deadly Bushfire crisis, which is considered to be a glimpse of what our heating climate will deliver in the future - compromising traditional firefighting techniques and rendering current bushfire prediction models, ineffective.

While a National co-ordinated Bushfire response features significantly, today's report delves into how wise future planning can REDUCE risk.

Satterley - Anglican Archbishop Goldsworthy - TAKE NOTE: 😡

"Point 19.60 - Good land-use planning decisions can mitigate future risks.

Decisions about new developments should be based on the best information available on current and future risks.

In addition, development in high risk areas should be avoided unless risk can be clearly communicated and cost-effectively managed. Where new structures are built in high-risk areas, they should be sufficiently resilient for their expected lifespan."

And, Point 19.73 - "Fire behaviour, such as ember attack and proximity of other houses, are apparently not adequately addressed in the current standards."

WA's Planning Commission (WAPC) REJECTED North Stoneville because it DOESN'T COMPLY with WA's Bushfire policies designed to SAVE LIVES.✅

Now, the National Royal Commission supports the stance of our own Govt agencies'- DFES & WAPC, and our COMMUNITY.

We repeat, clearly and categorically, that the proposed North Stoneville urban development is DANGEROUS and puts the lives of the Hills' Community at unacceptable risk.

The Royal Commission has spoken:


Satterley - Archbishop Goldsworthy - PULL THE PIN on your Appeal NOW - 🤚🏻🚫 and know that you have saved lives - and perhaps, your reputations.

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