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SAT Deputation by SPH

9/6/21 - UPDATE - our deputation went well today. Everything that needed to be said, was said. Part of our presentation today included this video summary of North Stoneville being undefendable in a bushfire situation. It’s compelling to say the least. We thank Greg Rankine for his insight, wisdom and courage to speak candidly. We will let you know the next steps from the tribunal and the $atterley/Anglican Church appeal against the WA Planning Commission.

Tomorrow morning, be sure to catch former SPH Chair, Paige McNeil on ABC radio - Paige has been driving the push behind the scenes to rezone the proposed North $toneville land back to rural. Tune into Nadia Mitsopolous’ ABC 720 tomorrow morning (8.40am).

Finally - remember that we need as many people who can make it to join us on the steps of Parliament House on the 15th June at 11am. We’ll be saying more about this over the coming days.

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