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$atterley’s ‘North $toneville’ tweaks’ are in. The Dept. of Planning confirmed in a statement on the State Govt’s website on February 1st... the second Anniversary of the Wooroloo Bushfire disaster.

The irony of such ill-timing does not escape any of us...

North $toneville is a dangerous and destructive plan, that will remain ‘Urban’ and dangerous regardless of any changes. And we ALL know that the land set aside for ‘North Parkerville’ will likely follow for another 2360 MORE people. Make no mistake - if North Stoneville gets up, the hills as we know it will be changed forever. Minister Saffioti is probably reviewing the amendments. Then 42 days of comment will open ‘in due course’.

The important thing - our RALLY this SUNDAY will be HUGE. (and hot!) Big-name speakers are leading the charge to ‘SAY NO - AGAIN’ - including Dr Wayne Gregson, DFES Commissioner during the 2014 Stoneville-Parkeville-Mt Helena bushfires. Also, Bob Brown, Greens Founder and dedicated Environmentalist is travelling fom Tasmania to join us. Bob’s sent us this message of support ahead of arriving this weekend.

REMEMBER: Bring a Hat, water, sunscreen, your voice, AND your ‘I SAY NO – AGAIN’ banners!!! See you Sunday! 10am - 11am! Sculpture Park, Mundaring!

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