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Save Perth Hills Newsletter 1 - 6th March

The Save Perth Hills team have been busy over the last few weeks. We’ve spread the story on radio, TV, newspapers and via banners. We’ve talked to local MP Matthew Hughes, the Conservation Council and many others. Click on the link below to read the newsletter.

Key Events

- COMMUNITY RALLY Sun 7th April 10:30 am Sculpture Park – join us and bring your friends and family. Help us get the numbers to show how important this issue is to the whole Perth community, here in the hills and down on the flats – we are Perth’s backyard and Once it’s gone it’s GONE!

- Council Meetings March 12th, April 9th and May 14th

- Blue Sky Festival – Sunday 17th March – come and say hello at our stall, sign the petition and pick up a car sticker.

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