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Save The Date Feb 14th

It's on!

Sunday 14th February, 9:30 am Sculpture Park Mundaring.

Save the date for the upcoming Save Perth Hills Rally in Mundaring. PEOPLE POWER Can Stop the Destructive North Stoneville Townsite!

Join us and politicians from ALL sides to demand the WA State Government brings an end to $atterley and the Anglican Church’s dangerous and destructive North Stoneville townsite proposal. The plan has been rejected by DFES, the Shire of Mundaring, the WA Planning Commission AND by YOU - the Community. Yet Satterley and the Church are APPEALING those rejections. This EXTREME FIRE ZONE is NO PLACE for an urban housing estate!

AFTER 30 YEARS, 2021 MUST BE THE END OF NORTH STONEVILLE, FOREVER. We know we can count on you to be there. Stand by for updates.

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