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Simon Says .....

*** SAVE PERTH HILLS rally, Sunday 5th February, 10am. Sculpture Park, MUNDARING ***

Please come to hear about what dozens of professionals have been doing tirelessly to help stop a BIG patch of forest… a wonderful piece of local #wildlife habitat… from being destroyed.

This video was a very rushed effort to incorporate an important message with some #Ngolyenok / #CarnabysCockatoo magic. I was trying to use my ‘wildlife whisper’ voice as to not disturb the nestling too much, while at the same time be loud enough to be heard by the camera 3m away! The ironic thing is the Galah in the background is doing it’s very best to continuously interrupt, as if it wants is voice heard, but it’s species is one of the key threats to black cockatoos in this area, due to aggressive competition for #treehollows!!

See you SOON folks!!

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