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Stop North Stoneville

📣 Archbishop Kay Goldsworthy - YOU HAVE THE POWER TO STOP NORTH STONEVILLE. Our local member and ardent supporter Matthew Hughes Member for Kalamunda is calling on you, to WITHDRAW the dangerous and destructive plan that is North Stoneville (AKA SP-34) Matthew’s passionate letter says that after the the BLACK SUMMER fire crises of 2020, a serious re-think is needed. WE AGREE!!!

Come on Archbishop - you know this is a dangerous plan. Step up, make the call and put an end to it... Perhaps join us with Matthew Hughes and other political leaders at our community rally on the 15th March 9.30AM at Sculpture Park, Mundaring. You will hear the community loud and clear. Will you join us? Will you take North Stoneville off the table and consult with the community on what we really want? Thank you to Matthew Hughes Member for Kalamunda for your leadership on this matter 👏🏻

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