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$atterley $ilent Treatment

With just days before we RALLY - this Sunday 9.30am Sculpture Park, Mundaring, North $toneville’s extreme bushfire dangers were debated at yet ANOTHER ‘mediation’ at the State Tribunal today.

$atterley is trying to overturn DFES’ AND the Planning Commission’s REJECTION of North $toneville.

Mediation is held in ‘private’- so we don’t know what Satterley said

Last November, at the first Mediation Save Perth Hills delivered a passionate presentation to the Tribunal.

Today, our amazing friends, at Stoneville Parkerville Progress Association, Jo Sheil and Greg Jones, presented their own compelling case AGAINST North $toneville. You guys are AMAZING - THANK YOU

But Satterley was its usual silent self when it came to talking to us - the Community.

There was NO RESPONSE when we asked: ‘How many more bushfires do you need to understand North Stoneville is a disaster plan?’

So, as we ALL prepare to gather, united and strong on Sunday, we thought we’d share with you a taste of the $atterley $ilent Treatment - which truly is the hallmark of their dangerous and destructive North Stoneville disaster plan... But we won't be silent... ‘NO NIGEL NO!’

See you Sunday - and bring your voices

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