Resources to substantiate our views that Perth Hills can not be developed using suburban planning criteria.

2008 Stoneville/Parkerville Bushfire

This is the burn map of the 2008 Stoneville bushfire overlayed on the proposed Satterley plan (white dotted outline). This fire happened on 3rd Jan 2008. It was a 44°C day.

Here are some FACTS:

•Approximately 300 hectares burnt

•Extreme Fire Behaviour

•Total Resources used: 90 x Fire Appliances

•5 x Helitacs delivering 196 Helitac Water Drops = 313,500 litres of water

•4 x Fixed Wing Water Bombers

•Fire Crews attended from Bunbury to Quinns Rocks to assist.

•Time to Suppress / Control: 13:25 – 16:00

•Manhours worked 3-5th January, 2008 = 4346 manhours

Let’s add 4000 residents into the mix....

2008 fire map.jpg
homes in bushfire areas.jpg

Should more homes be built in areas at high risk of bushfire?

#INDEPTH: Listen to the full Focus discussion on the fire risk in the Perth Hills here:

New rules for WA homes in bushfire zones

This report highlights the added cost (up to $50 000 per home) of building in bushfire zones with the new building regulations. An often overlooked issue is the amount of clearing that can take place in an effort to reduce their bushfire risk level.


Mt Helena sub-division

An interesting Opinion piece in today’s ‘West Australian’ by Paul Murray regarding the Planning Minister’s decision, to ignore DFES fire risk advice, to approve a Mt Helena sub-division.

And a second article on this topic

not a done deal 2.jpg

Residents stop a coal mine

These residents stopped a coal mine, made history and sent ripples through boardrooms around the world

This quote comes to mind: "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."   (LOL, even if they have grey hair)  Don't give up Save Perth Hills

State of the Climate

Get the facts in our latest State of the Climate report: Co-developed with CSIRO, the report draws on the latest climate monitoring, science and projection information.

Some interesting articles linking climate change and fire risk

Australia experiencing more heat, longer fire seasons and rising oceans - The Guardian


Former fire chiefs warn Australia unprepared for escalating climate threat - The Guardian


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