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Rally Day - Sunday, March 7 - is just over a week away! You’ll be there, right!?

Long-time North Stoneville opponent, Labor MP Matthew Hughes Member for Kalamunda will be joining us, demanding that Nigel Satterley and the Anglican Church withdraw their dangerous and destructive plan.

Despite Perth Hills’ worst bushfires, Satterley and the Anglican Church still want to put 4,000 people inside an Extreme Bushfire Zone.

Politicians from ALL sides and levels agree that North Stoneville must NEVER proceed.

Matthew’s battled on our behalf since 2019 - and this passionate speech to State Parliament remains a memorable moment for us.

See you on Sunday March 7, Sculpture Park, Mundaring for what promises to be our biggest rally yet - to Save Perth Hills!

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  • Save Perth Hills Inc

Many thanks to

Liam Staltari - Liberal for Kalamunda

for his continued stance on opposing proposed North $toneville. Politicians from all sides appear to be united against the urbanisation of the Perth Hills. Sadly the message isn't getting through to Kay Goldsworthy from the Anglican Church or property developer, Nigel Satterley. It's pretty important we all rock up for one hour on Sunday the 7th March from 9:30am.

The more of us there - the louder we'll be.

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  • Save Perth Hills Inc

Our March 7 rally RSVPs are rolling in with politicians from all sides calling for an end to the proposed dangerous and destructive urban estate - North $toneville... Over the coming days we’ll share the wide and varied support that’s the hallmark of this campaign. We kick off with the Greens’ Tim Clifford MLC and this amazing recap! See you Sunday March 7 at 9.30am Sculpture Park - Jacoby St, Mundaring.

As usual it's deafening silence from the Anglican Church and Satterley who seem to have forgotten how to reply to an email, or, simply pick up the phone for a chat. What bushfire? Nothing to see here Kay? Nigel? Hello....?

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