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'Water Minister Dave Kelly has reminded residents in bushfire prone areas to consider their water supply in preparation for a challenging bushfire season.'

So begins the WA Govt’s bushfire advice (Dec 6), from Water Minister Kelly and Emergency Services Minister Dawson. They warn of ‘above normal bushfire risks’ with a dire reminder NOT to rely on scheme water to fight bushfires.

‘During bushfire, scheme water infrastructure...can be damaged and power failures can result in a total loss of water... High demand can lead to a drop in water pressure... That means ensuring your own independent water supply, ideally at least 20,000 litres..’

So where does this leave $atterley’s ‘North $toneville’ PIPE DREAM? HIGH and DRY, that’s where! With ZERO water at ‘North $toneville’, $atterley’s solution is a massive pipeline extension. But water SUPPLIES will be RESTRICTED to the 4000+ residents by 40,000 LITRES LESS than normal suburban homes! As for ‘independently storing 20,000 litres’ – try doing that on a 350sqm block with a metre separation to your neighbour. $atterley’s PIPE DREAM sits surrounded by a proven Extreme Bushfire Zone, within Ember Attack reach of John Forrest National Park and is severely WATER-RESTRICTED. It has no place in Perth’s volatile Hills. As for the Anglican Church landowner - all we can say is... how can you persist with this plan, knowing how DANGEROUS it will be to so many people? That's why we ALL must 'SAY NO AGAIN’ when $atterley’s ‘tweaked’ plan is released for public comment in January.

THANK YOU for so many AMAZINGLY GENEROUS donations for our monumental 2023 campaign to Save Perth Hills! Please donate if you can - for legal advice, printing, insurance, promotional and publicity... the list goes on! Bendigo Bank; Save Perth Hills Inc BSB 633000 / Acct-160715942 Containers for Change - SPH-C1030727

Media statements - Important reminder not to rely on scheme water during a bushfire

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Our SPH Banners are Back!!!...

because so is $atterley...

$atterley’s desperately drawing up ‘an amendment' to their ‘North $toneville’ disaster plan to be released in January - at the height of our bushfire season.

So, a HUGE Thank You to our AMAZING community for displaying Save Perth Hills banners on fences and properties urging our community to SAY NO AGAIN to $atterley’s firetrap plan, when public comment opens in January.

Apparently, 6 years of failed planning, 2 years of failed mediation and relentless REJECTIONS from community, DFES, WA’s planning agencies and politicians – aren’t enough for $atterley and the Anglican Church landowner to understand ‘North $toneville’ is dangerous to our community and destructive of our bio-diverse environment.

Remember to write to Federal Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek to reject $atterley’s plan of environmental mass destruction - .

And get ready to SAY NO AGAIN to $atterley's tweaked plan soon. We'll have more info for you in the coming weeks.

All donations gratefully accepted for our monumental 2023 campaign to - Save Perth Hills!

Bendigo Bank; Save Perth Hills Inc

BSB 633000 / Acct-160715942

Containers for Change - SPH-C1030727

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  • Save Perth Hills Inc

$atterley’s intention to bulldoze 200 hectares of biodiverse forest at North $toneville is so destructive, it’s considered a ‘Matter of National Environmental Significance’. Please email referencing ‘EPBC SATTERLEY 2018/8382’. Ask the Federal Environment Minister to REFUSE $atterley’s application to destroy North $toneville – which is 150 hectares bigger than Kings Park. You simply need to register your opposition – no lengthy email required. Nationally threatened birds and animals, migratory species, plus ecological communities on North $toneville will be destroyed by $atterley’s bulldozers. Federal Minister Tanya Plibersek will make the decision under Australia’s Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC). Here’s an opportunity for the Federal Government to make good their election promises on Climate Change and to END destruction of endangered native flora and fauna. $atterley wants to trade our precious biodiversity for $$$ through ‘offsets’.

This is morally and ethically wrong, and for the landowner, the Anglican Church, to allow destruction of native forest, ‘gifted’ to the Church by Queen Victoria, (NOT from the Traditional Owners???)... is absolutely shameful.