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Our Chair, Jeremy Hurst, recently returned from a work trip in Victoria. He shared this footage of the Princess Fwy west of Geelong… And it’s hard not to make comparisons with the proposed East Link project in front of us. 4 lanes, controlled access interchanges with expansive walls designed to mitigate the road noise. Just like we see here with the Princess Fwy, it’s clear that roads like this are enablers for further urban sprawl to enable the cookie-cutter template for suburban expansion.

Do we really need a national highway template design that will carve up the Hills, dislocate our townships and destroy the inherent attraction of Perth’s Hills - the environment? East Link is out-dated, destructive, will NOT take all trucks off GEH - and will cost BILLION$.

Save Perth Hills is clear on this issue - East Link must not be approved.

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  • Save Perth Hills Inc

EastLink is being hammered in every direction... environmentally and now financially. Our friends at Rethink EastLink (Orange route) have long been highlighting how this 80 km highway would carve a bitumen path of destruction through the Hills from Talbot Rd, into John Forrest National Park, sweeping nearby past Parkerville and Stoneville, cutting through the heart of Gidgy and into parts of Wooroloo, and the KEP Trail, to name a few. $20-million is already being spent on a 'feasibility study'.

Now there are serious financial questions around spending billions more on projects like this. We met Tania Lawrence - WA Labor for Hasluck prior to the election and raised our EastLink concerns. We're seeking another meeting with Tania soon with much more to discuss on this matter... is EastLink also staring down the financial barrel?

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  • Save Perth Hills Inc

We’re really excited to endorse long time Hills resident Claire Hurst, as Council candidate for East Ward in the Shire of Mundaring. East Ward includes Stoneville where proposed 'North Stoneville' is located. Claire has been an active member of Save Perth Hills over the past few years committed to protecting the Perth Hills and volunteering with the campaign. Vote for Claire on the 1st of July

Please visit and 'like' Claire's Facebook campaign page: Claire Hurst - East Ward Council Candidate Shire of Mundaring