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The problems

Satterley's North Stoneville plan has dangerous and destructive problems. We've broken down in detail what they are.


Bushfire dangers

Satterley's North Stoneville bushfire evacuation "solution" relies entirely on a non-existent Highway and places the lives of up to 10,000 residents at great risk.

The potential for deadly traffic gridlock in this tight rural-road network setting is very real.

Find out more about the plan's bushfire risks.

Environmental Loss

North Stoneville will destroy more than 160 hectares of native bush and 50,000 mature trees, which is the habitat to three species of endangered Black Cockatoos. 

Find out more about the plan's devastating and permanent impact on the Perth Hills environment.

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Traffic impacts

North Stoneville will increase local traffic movements to approximately 8,000 extra traffic movements on the Shire’s rural roads every day.

The developer admits there will be no public transport for at least 11 years, if ever.

Find out more about the plan's impact on local traffic.

Stranded Community

Satterley's plan is contrary to orderly and proper planning, as it creates financial and planning uncertainty for the Shire, proposed estate residents, ratepayers, and for the State and its taxpayers.


More than half the homes can't be finished until an unfunded, un-committed highway is built.

Find out more about the plan's stranded community impacts.

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Wastewater risks

Satterley's waste water treatment plant is untested on the Hills geology and poses significant environmental and health risks. 

Find out more about the plan's disastrous impact from inadequete wastewater treatment.

Tourism impacts

Urbanisation of Perth Hills is contrary to its position as a recreation, retreat and wilderness area for Perth. Visitors enjoy the hills for the natural environment, wildlife, hiking, Mountain Biking, our historic village pubs and to ‘get away from it all’.

Find out more about the plan's impact to tourism.



The character and amenity of the Mundaring Shire would dramatically change with an urban development with 1000 houses for almost 3000 people.

Find out more about the plan's impact to amenity.

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