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Local Traffic Impacts

Here are the key impacts to traffic in the local rural area if Satterley's amended North Stoneville plan goes ahead.

Remember to always start your submission with "I am totally opposed to this amended plan for North Stoneville - reference number DR 189/2020."

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We oppose the plan because...

North Stoneville will kick off approval for North Parkerville (WAPC minutes July 14, 2020), which will increase local traffic movements to approximately 10,000 extra traffic movements on the Shire’s rural roads every day… predominantly Roland and Stoneville Roads.

An extra 2803 people will have to shop at the already pressured Mundaring Village complex, 8 kms from the site, along with 2360 more from future North Parkerville - impacting and increasing risks on rural Stoneville Road - which leads to this shopping complex from the site, impacting surrounding local rural roads and local residential parking and access, and intensifying local road pressures generally.

The uncommitted, unfunded, non-existent East Link highway is an integral part of Satterley's proposed traffic solution for the area post 2031.

During a -disaster with low visibility, burning rural roadsides, evacuation with livestock, horse floats, panicked residents, emergency vehicles, fallen branches / power lines blocking roads, the potential for deadly traffic gridlock in this tight rural-road network setting is very rea

“We’ve got better alternatives for housing more people but there are no alternatives for our world-famous flora and fauna.”

Bob Brown, Founder, Australian Greens

Here is where you can see the detailed risks and impacts to traffic in the local area caused by Satterley's North Stoneville amended plan. 

We need your help to be heard at the WAPC consultation hub. Write your own or use example submissions here.

The key objections

1. At least 8000 extra traffic movements on the rural Stoneville Rd- every day.  This does NOT include the North Parkerville proposed population of 2360 - which Satterley saw fit to include in their previous plan of 2019 - (‘given the potential impact), but has EXCLUDED North Parkerville from traffic modelling and impacts in this amended plan. Our local road network is rural-style, single lanes, with gravel sidings and no capacity for road widening: creating critical safety issues and traffic gridlock potential into Mundaring, for those projected 8000 extra vehicle movements.

2. The developer admits - no public transport for at least 11 years. (if ever).  2800+ residents would be stranded, 8 kms from Mundaring’s centre, and solely reliant on private vehicle use.

3. Traffic implications from surrounding locations have NOT been taken into account with the North Stoneville plan - The Brethren Place of Worship, (100s of cars/people on Seaborne St), proposed North Parkerville estate (2,360 people), Steiner School’s High School extension, Kilburn Road Parkerville (56 homes /210 people), new homes on Stoneville Rd (20), Hills Equestrian - Seaborne St - (100s of people - weekends/horse floats)

4. Seaborne, Brooking, Stoneville and Roland Roads are single rural lanes, and designed to carry limited local traffic only. (a serious accident on June 17 2020 on Roland Rd).

5. Five schools (Mundaring Primary, Mundaring Christian Primary, Parkerville Primary, Steiner, (upgrading to high school), Mundaring Christian Secondary) use these roads for drop off and pick up twice a day, along with bus stops for Eastern Hills High School and several others attended by Hills students. The surrounding rural road network will not cope with an additional 2800+ residents, 1200 cars,  1500 school children, teachers, and hundreds of staff (plus their cars), from two more projected schools on site. Thousands will be at great risk.

6. All internal exit roads lead onto the only two rural exit roads of Stoneville and Roland roads.

7. After 2038 the evacuation traffic plan is 100% dependent on the proposed East Link - a  speculative, unplanned, non-existent, project unfunded by Federal and State governments.

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