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Despite 31 years' relentless Community opposition to urbanisation of the Anglican Diocese's 'North $toneville' 555-hectare Hills landholding, $atterley is throwing up an 'amended' 'North $toneville' plan seeking public response and WA Planning Commission approval.

This strongly suggests $atterley fears they'll lose if the matter goes to a full Tribunal hearing (SAT).

So what does $atterley do? They're coming back to the very Community they've offended and ignored over 4 long years, and who wrote more than 1,100 submissions REJECTING 'North $toneville'.

In typical $atterley style, their 'tweaked' plan will be thrust on us Jan-March, at the height of the 2023 bushfire season... and as we commemorate anniversaries of the Wooroloo, and the Stoneville, Parkerville and Mt Helena Bushfires, again demonstrating $atterley's ignorance and insensitivity to our Community's bushfire realities.

Get ready for BIG Community action!

Please DONATE, whatever you can, for SPH Campaign costs!

Bendigo Bank; Save Perth Hills Inc

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Containers for Change - SPH-C1030727

Or drop some $ in the tins at Stoneville Fresh, Begonia Pets or the Artisan Bakery

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  • Save Perth Hills Inc

It's kinda obvious - DFES advice ought to be followed when it comes to urban subdivisions in bushfire prone areas.

DFES are after all, WA’s recognised bushfire experts

Please sign the petition to help make this legit. This curly issue is relevant across ALL of WA so pass this petition on. Community action WILL influence the government.

Can you go one better and SHARE this post!

NOTE: If you have signed the paper version, please do not sign the online version as well. Signing both cancels out your support.

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We LOVE that headline – front page of this week’s ‘Post’ newspaper. After a 20-year Community battle, University of WA has withdrawn plans to bulldoze Shenton Park bushland for 260 houses. It’s a timely reminder that correct decisions CAN be made, and that local Communities CAN drive them. No matter how long it takes!! Two weeks today, on Nov 4, a significant decision will be made about our own 31-year saga called ‘North Stoneville.’ We call on ‘North $toneville’ landowner, the Anglican Diocese, and its business partner, $atterley, to follow UWA’s lead – and withdraw their ‘North $toneville’ plan that will endanger thousands of people and destroy 550-hectares of Hills’ environment. Save Perth Hills congratulates Friends of Underwood Avenue Bushland in never giving up to protect an important pocket of Perth’s diminishing bushland. And we remind $atterley and the Anglican Diocese – our Community commitment, to protect our lives and the Hills’ environment, remains a strong as ever – 31 years on...