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Introducing SP79 AKA the old Parkerville Farm up before council this evening (Tuesday 9th March). The landowner is Parkerville Children and Youth Care and you may recognize the urban designer - Roberts Day (planners for $atterleys North $toneville - which happens to be just across the road... )

It’s yet again another Fire Trap development with cul-de-sacs and inadequate escape routes for around 250 residents.

As usual, there has been zero community consultation when it comes to the development of the PLAN. As usual, the urban designers think they know what this Hills community wants and needs....

If you would like to make a statement to the Shire of Mundaring Council Tuesday evening - we encourage as many of you who are able, to do just that. You’ll have up to 3 mins. To register your intent to speak, email

  • Save Perth Hills Inc

A massive *thank you* to YOU - our AMAZING community

You rallied to the cause today - and your call has been heard

Media, from all 4 mainstream channels, reported our Rally on major bulletins tonight. That’s a State-wide reach of very conservatively, 250,000 + people.

Rest assured that our community’s concerns are being heard.

Have confidence our Community Voice is being listened to.

And continue to believe that People Power is an incredible force - for the greater good of us all.

Save Perth Hills are committed - with you - to fighting Satterley and the Anglican Church to END their dangerous and destructive North Stoneville plan - forever.

Today demonstrated that our community is a force to be reckoned with. Stick with us. We are so very, very, proud of you.



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  • Save Perth Hills Inc

This is it everyone! TOMORROW - Sunday the 7th March WE RALLY!! Are you in? Who is coming with you? Don't leave it up to others - ONCE IT'S GONE, IT'S GONE!

Remember what makes the hills, the hills and help us ensure the absolute end of North Stoneville!


* Banners, signs etc...

* Friends, Family, Neighbours...

* Some cash for the tin rattling...

* Your recyclable bottles & cans to pop into the Save Perth Hills Containers for Change trailer...

...oh and one more thing - YOUR VOICE! You will need it to make our message clear: NO NIGEL NO! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Come a little earlier to secure a good spot, avoid the traffic, listen to some music etc... We'll be starting 9:30 am sharp.

See ya tomorrow! And remember - this is a DEFINING moment for our Perth Hills, the amazing back yard to Perth City. It's time to end the sprawl and rampant $atterley style proposals that seeks to put people before profit.

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