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Submissions have closed

The North Stoneville development will result in:

  • Dangerous bushfire evacuation for 10,000 people living in the hills

  • 50,000 trees and 160 hectares of native vegetation bulldozed

  • Habitat destruction for Endangered Black Cockatoos

  • Thousands more cars on Great Eastern Highway

  • Urbanisation of an internationally recognised biodiverse area

Thank you for your support

The WA Department of Planning is calling for the community to have your say right now.

Support Save Perth Hills and reject the North Stoneville plan by writing an online submission by 8 May 2023.

Ready? Go to the WA Planning Department's Amended North Stoneville Structure Plan 34 Feedback page

Read on for how to make a submission.

How to make a submission

Copy our submission or write one of your own

We can stop North Stoneville with your help.


The WA Department of Planning have opened community submissions. We need as many of you as possible to voice your opposition by writing a short submission on the Planning Department website.

It only takes a few minutes.


Here's what you need to do:

Option 1: Use our pre-written submission

Option 2: Write  your own

  • Start with the sentence "I'm totally opposed to the amended plan for North Stoneville. Reference number DR 189/2020". This is important, so that your voice is not counted as simple commentary.

  • Your personal experiences are vital. Help the WA Planning Department understand what it is like living in an extreme bushfire zone such as the Perth Hills.

I'm ready, let me use your examples

Step 1:

Once you've written it, go to the WA Planning Department's consultation hub and make your submission.

It will only take a few minutes online. There is an option to post if you prefer.

Consultation closes on May 8 2023.

I'm ready, take me to the Amended North Stoneville Structure Plan 34 Feedback page

Look for this link:

Go to the WAPC website and make your submission

Step 2:

CTA for the WADP.jpg


Double the impact of your submission by emailing a copy of it to the following people:

Step 3:

Example submission 

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to express my strong opposition to the proposed North Stoneville development - Reference number DR 189/2020. The project poses a significant threat to the environment and wildlife in the Perth Hills region. The development will result in the destruction of 50,000 trees and 160 hectares of land, including the habitat of the endangered black cockatoos. This loss of habitat will have a significant impact on the local ecosystem and wildlife.


Moreover, the proposed development does not appear to have taken into account the ecological significance of the area. The Perth Hills are an important region for biodiversity and conservation, and any development should be undertaken with the utmost care to protect these natural resources.


I strongly urge you to reconsider the proposed development and instead explore alternative options that prioritize the protection of the environment and wildlife.

Ready? Go to the Amended North Stoneville Structure Plan 34 Feedback page

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