• Save Perth Hills Inc

7 Days to go!

The Perth Hills is saying NO WAY to bad planning, dangerous developments and unsustainable urban sprawl. It ends with "proposed" North $toneville. Our beautiful city and its hills backyard deserves MUCH BETTER than a cookie cutter sales job by a developer!

No matter the Satterley spin, the lack of community consultation, the deeply dismissive land owner (that sadly is the Anglican Perth Diocese) or however many glossy brochures get printed, a bad idea is a BAD idea. The community here gets that and it is why we will be rallying again!

📣 Are you joining us next Sunday 15th March at 9:30am? There is a week to go to get your banners and signs ready! We'll be here all week getting prepared, posting daily and reminding EVERYONE to show up next Sunday. 7 days to go people!

***IMPORTANT NOTE*** bring your kids so they can be a part of this movement and see how a strong community shapes its future 📣

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