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Fire Trap

The 2020 Black Summer fires serve as a humble reminder that we MUST build our communities to be fire safe. This is the lens that our state planners must use when deciding on proposed North Stoneville.🔥 Proposed North Stoneville is an urban development is a fire prone area. The land is not suitable for dense housing. 🔥 Road networks must allow for safe escape. The local road network will not cope with 4000 new residents in an extreme bushfire event. 🔥 Being urban doesn't make... an area immune to bushfire 🔥 Urban sprawl stretches fire fighting resources This is why we are asking you to join us at the Save Perth Hills Rally this Sunday the 15th March. Be there at 9am for a 9:30am start!

Checklist: ✔️ Bring everyone you know (Neighbours, kids, friends...) ✔️ Bring your banners and signs ✔️ Bring your voice ✔️ Update your status to 'Going' on our Facebook event ✔️ Be on time 😀

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