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New Year Update 2 Jan 2024

On the 21st of December, we wrote to Archbishop Goldsworthy, Nigel Satterley, and their top-level ‘North Stoneville crew’, seeking a significant New Year’s resolution – to place people ahead of their profits...

We wrote as homes in Parkerville were attacked by bushfire. The Anglicans’ Parkerville Children and Youth Centre evacuated their in-care kids as the fires burned within a few 100 metres of their Beacon Rd property. And North Stoneville, itself, was in the DFES emergency zone.

In our letter, we suggested when Satterley fronts the State Tribunal on the 2nd of February about the Planning Commission’s outright REJECTION of its amended plan, that Satterley and the Church choose the commonsense approach, and withdraw their dangerous and destructive plan – forever.

We have had no response as yet.

Perhaps you’d like to write a polite, short email (addresses in letter attached) – urging they withdraw their plan on February 2nd, to safeguard our lives. Copy in SPH on -

As we enter our 33rd year fighting the craziness of a North Stoneville estate, a gracious New Year Resolution to accept the Umpire’s Decision would be the greatest gift our Community could ever receive...

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