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Our United Political Support

Save Perth Hills continues to secure UNITED political support calling for an END to the dangerous and destructive plan that is 'proposed' North Stoneville...Be sure to join Liam Staltari - Liberal for Kalamunda and many other community and political leaders who are saying NO WAY to this development. The proposed plan places lives at risk and is a complete contradiction to how we ALL feel after witnessing the 2020 Black Summer Fires.

9:30am this Sunday 15th March at Sculpture Park, Mundaring. Liam Staltari - Liberal for Kalamunda - from his Facebook page. While I’ve been out in the community, many locals have raised their concerns about Structure Plan 34, the proposed North Stoneville Townsite development. Many have asked me my opinion. Today in a Media Statement I have confirmed my staunch opposition to the North Stoneville Townsite and called on the McGowan Government and the WA Planning Commission to halt it in its current form. There are many reasons why the North Stoneville development should be opposed in its current form. Beyond the obvious and very real concerns of bush-fire risk and lack of access road capacity, the community also rightly has significant concerns about proposed wastewater treatment and sanitation, and environmental degradation. North Stoneville sits in direct contradiction to the amenity and lifestyle of the Perth Hills. In the efforts of Save Perth Hills we see the power of local people who are united in their concern for what this development would mean for the communities and lifestyles that they love. Given the clear community concern, the McGowan Government and the WA Planning Commission must act.

I look forward to attending the Save Perth Hills Rally this Sunday from 9.30am at Mundaring’s Sculpture Park and encourage all locals to join the community there. I’m committed to working with all concerned to get the best outcome for the community in halting North Stoneville.

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