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Parkerville Farm

We’ve asked a lot of you lately - but this is really important...

Please - write to the Shire to object - submissions must be in by this Friday Aug 7...

Stoneville & Parkerville Progress Association Inc (SPPA)


The battle against dangerous and destructive Hills development continues to rear its ugly head AND WITH NO COMMUNITY CONSULTATION-AGAIN!!!!!

Parkerville Farm (Structure Plan 79), is next door to the REFUSED, bushfire risk, North Stoneville.

On Anglican land, it’s another example of adhoc, inappropriate and outdated planning that our community rejects.

The plan, for 58 half-acre lots on Kilburn and Brindle Roads, boasts fire trap features like North Stoneville.

Our Community and Planning Minister Rita Saffioti, have given the Shire a MANDATE TO REVIEW ITS LOCAL PLANNING SCHEME (LPS) AS A MATTER OF URGENCY to stop these money-grabbing, dangerous pop-up estates, and instead plan a future that protects and promotes our unique environment, and safeguards our communities.

Last week Mundaring Shire CEO, Jonathan Throssell, told Ratepayer groups that the Shire’s Community Strategic Plan, (which puts Environment as Number One Priority), “DRIVES EVERYTHING WE DO”.

Our Shire needs to HIT PAUSE ON ADHOC DEVELOPMENTS pending the LSP review.



Just a few words – or a lot!

Outline your thoughts / concerns:

•Contravenes State Bushfire Policy 3.7

•Huge risks of adding 200+ people (mostly families) into an Extreme Bushfire Zone

•Fire trap development with complex road layouts

•Traffic dangers on roads already at capacity

•Zero infrastructure

•Sewerage leaks from 58 septic tanks into groundwater

•Clutterbuck Creek at risk

•Contradicts the Shire’s own plan to put Environment, first.

If you need help – let us know!

Use the link on the Shire website (Current Projects)

Email your submission to Shire@mundaring.wa.gov.au

Or drop it off at the Shire by 3 pm Friday.

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