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Two Years

Sooooo... Did you know it's been TWO WHOLE YEARS since the WA Planning Commission refused proposed North Stoneville? For the past 24 months, Nigel $atterley and his lawyers have been making the case (behind closed doors) to the State Administrative Tribunal to 'mediate' the WAPC's decision... In other words, come to an agreement so the proposal can proceed....

Thursday the 28th of July will be the NINTH attempt at mediating the decision... and this one will be a full day. It is time to draw a line through this drawn out process. How fair is it that a developer gets chance after chance in secret meetings while tax payers wear the cost? Enough is enough!

Nevertheless, the 14th of July is an important date in this campaign to Save Perths' Hills - as it marks a milestone for the collective efforts of this community of doers, to stand up and speak out against bad planning. A stranded suburban development that enables urban sprawl should not be built in a high risk fire zone.

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