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Unpacking the Fire Report

Unpacking the Wooroloo Fire Report…

It’s heartening that interstate bushfire experts agree with Save Perth Hills that safer ‘planning’ has a critical role in reducing catastrophes like Wooroloo.

Their recommendation to assess sub-division plans against the potential for a Wooroloo-scale bushfire makes HUGE sense.

So WHY did our Government reject it?

What will it take, if not Perth Hills’ worst bushfire, to understand we must PLAN differently in bushfire prone regions?

Presumably $atterley, and those like them, are grinning broadly… It means potential firetrap plans, like North $toneville, in extreme bushfire zones, can continue to be presented to Extreme Bushfire Risk shires, like Mundaring.

And it means more people will be placed in harm’s way by developers looking for dollars, not dangers.

WA Today has published a comprehensive report on Save Perth Hills’ response.

Recommendations that offers reactive measures for dealing with a fire rather anything meaningfully preventative is just not good enough… not with a drying climate, and certainly not following the most devastating fire to hit the region…

To the Government and Satterley, we say: Ignore the advice at OUR peril.

…But know, it will also be yours...

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