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THANK YOU!!! ...for your amazing support!

More than 1,000 people signed our petition that North $toneville’s Extreme Bushfire Risks should not - and CANNOT, be ‘MEDIATED.’

$atterley’s scheduled March 11 mediation hearing (their 8th) into North $toneville was CANCELLED and no new date yet. ('Covid-related' apparently). It's the second time this month the hearing’s been called off.

Our local newspaper, The Echo, is keeping a close eye on it - see link below.

We’re writing to Planning Minister Saffioti and will include many of your comments expressing outrage that Communities, including ours, are being gagged and denied the right to be involved, actively, in planning reviews about developments that will impact them forever more.

Save Perth Hills will NOT be gagged. 31 years' strong - and growing stronger!!!

Which reminds us: Where Wooroloo’s Bushfire Report???

#markmcgowan #ritasaffioti #jessicashawmla #matthewhughes #mattswinbournmlc

  • Save Perth Hills Inc


Save Perth HiIls has been locked out from presenting at $atterley's never-ending North $toneville urban-development mediation at the State's Tribunal. (SAT). $atterley says it doesn't need us, ('Our Community'), telling them anything more about the problems of its dangerous and destructive housing plan. So. We say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Mediation must END at the next hearing: March 11. It started one and a half years ago! Sign our petition because Bushfire dangers cannot - and SHOULD NOT, be ‘mediated’. The Save Perth Hills’ Community says IT'S TIME that $atterley's PRIVATE appeal goes to an Open and PUBLIC hearing. Please support us to say that bushfire risks are EVERYONE'S business - not a closed-door, private conversation between bureaucrats and a profit-driven developer... #matthewhughes #jessicashawmla #ritasaffioti #mattswinbournmlc

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  • Save Perth Hills Inc

The Anglican Church’s ‘North $toneville’ contains 13 Aboriginal archaeological sites...

5 are on the northern boundary, including a culturally significant water-course across ‘Woolhouse Lane’ and ‘Hawkstone St’ - formerly Cameron Rd. Along with Aboriginal significance, it’s a thriving eco-system of frogs and other wildlife.

$atterley wants to put 4,000 people, 1,500 houses, and a maze of suburban-style bitumen road networks, including a link road that will destroy this water-course.

Mundaring Shire has just lodged its Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) with Reconciliation Australia. $atterley's proposed destruction does not align with the Shire‘s RAP

Re-zoning ‘North $toneville’ back to Rural, as Save Perth Hills AND Mundaring Council have proposed, would help to protect these sites.

Once it's gone - it’s gone...

Ken Wyatt Rita Saffioti MLA Matthew Hughes MLA Jessica Shaw MLA Matt Swinbourn MLC

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