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  • Save Perth Hills Inc

Our local elected Councillors listened and now our local Member of Parliament has also agreed and put these concerns on parliamentary record. Did the Planning Minister listen as well?

We don’t think she has heard us clearly yet! This is what Rita Saffioti MLA had to say in response to our local member, Matthew Hughes’ community grievance in State Parliament last Thursday regarding North Stoneville SP-34.

This video is much higher quality than the previous copy. Significantly though, at 6:45 on the video is Minister Rita Saffioti's response.

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  • Save Perth Hills Inc

It is time for change in the WA planning system.

Matthew Hughes Member for Kalamunda states

“The proposed North Stoneville townsite detailed in SP34 should not proceed and the community concern and the recommendation of the Council of the Shire of Mundaring must be heeded.”

Pump up the volume and listen to his speech to parliament - nice work Matthew Hughes for passing on the grievances of the community. Our concerns are now officially on the Parliamentary record. Your comparison with 1994 to 2019 is 100% SPOT ON! We applaud your action today and hope to hear a response from Rita Saffioti MLA in regards to this matter ASAP.

Thank you Matthew Hughes Member for Kalamunda! It was wonderful to hear the concerns of the Hill’s community presented so eloquently.

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  • Save Perth Hills Inc

Off the back of Tuesday night, will you write to the trustees of the Anglican Perth Diocese? The Anglican Church are the landowners of the proposed North Stoneville site. This week the Shire of Mundaring voted unanimously to reject SP34, but the message needs to now get through to the land-owner. IT IS TIME to take this destructive plan OFF the table.

Some facts:

• Peter Dawes is the trustee who is spearheading the development

• Bill Leadbetter is also a Labor politician MLC Upper Metropolitan Region (Is this a conflict of interest?)

Here's your list of contacts:

- Sam Walsh, Chair of Trustees:

- Keith Stephens, Diocesan Secretary:

- Bill Leadbetter, Trustee:

- Kathy Barrett-Lennard, Archdeacon, Trustee:

- Kate Wilmot, Assistant Bishop, Trustee:

- Peter Dawes, Trustee:

- Philip Teale, Treasurer of Trustees:

- Kay Goldsworthy, Archbishop, Trustee:

Be respectful, be polite, share from your Heart. Why should the proposal be rejected? What makes it so inappropriate for the Hills? Share your vision for that special piece of land. What's your Dream for it??

Here is the link to the Shire’s decision

If you'd like to immerse yourself in the mission of the Anglican Church Diocese of Perth, which is extremely laudable, try here: Daring to Live God’s Promises

Links to Save Perth Hills media release and the refusal motion presented by Councillor Jeans will be placed on this website How I Can Help page.

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