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2021 Wooroloo Fire Questions...

Photo credit: Aaron Fernandes / SBS News

Save Perth Hills has written to our Premier advocating for an Independent and Open Inquiry into the Wooroloo Bushfire.

This catastrophe was Perth Hills’ first Climate Change Mega-fire, destroying 87 homes and leaving more than 300 Hills’ people homeless.

We’re seeking urgent clarification from Premier McGowan after correspondence from DEFS implied no formal decision has been made to even hold an inquiry.

Each bushfire holds valuable new information to help us understand and manage our increasingly volatile environment, better inform our policy makers, specifically with regards to planning, and educate the Community on bushfire evacuation dangers.

The extreme risks to people and property, that the Anglican Church and Satterley’s stranded urban North Stoneville plan would bring to our community, along with its non-compliance with WA’s Bushfire Policy 3.7, were reasons why WA’s Planning Commission’s refused it.

Mundaring Council cited the same reasons for refusing, recently, new subdivisions in Swan View and Parkerville.

Surely we need to learn from each and every bushfire so we can plan responsibly for a safer future.

Mark McGowan– It’s been more than 3 months since this disaster. Why haven’t you announced a formal investigation?

We urge you to officially call an Inquiry into the February 2021 Wooroloo bushfires - to offer closure to the hundreds of victims, and reassurance for the future of us all.

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