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3 Sleeps to Go

Today we learned that the North $toneville appeal by $atterley and the Anglican Church will get yet ANOTHER mediation hearing with the State Administrative Tribunal... on the 9th June... (that's not a typo)...

Every mediation meeting is held in private... what are the reasons for such a lengthy extension? Is there a new plan underway?

Why is more time given to fix a fatally flawed urban sprawl estate...? Remember that the WA Planning Commission rejected the Plan on the 14th July 2020...

There has been EIGHT long months of mediation... Why is mediation still carrying on?

Is $atterley hoping we'll all forget the fires? Forget the reasons for the inappropriate development? NOT A CHANCE!

To all this - we say loud and clear. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Tonight our message was simple... bring some friends & family to our rally on Sunday. NOW we say bring ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE you know. This process STINKS! We simply need ALL of you there on Sunday

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