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Amazing News

AMAZING NEWS - the Statutory Planning Committee has approved the RURAL RESIDENTIAL plan for NORTH PARKERVILLE. Instead of 730 suburban homes it will be 67 rural blocks.

Imagine casting your eyes down Roland Road... On one side you have rural residential and on the other side we have the continued uncertainty of $atterley’s URBAN SPRAWL DISASTER... which looks more out of date and irrelevant than ever!

The WA Dept. of Planning has said NO to urbanisation ‘in this location’ because it’s an ‘outdated’ planning approach.

By arrogantly pushing, pushing, pushing, Satterley and the Anglican Church Diocese continue to be out of step with:

-         Fire safe planning,

-         Regard for the environment and;

-         Contemporary planning in general

They are wasting taxpayer AND Mundaring Shire ratepayer $$$ in the process.

Well done to Eastcourt for 'reading the room', sensing what is right and putting forward a plan everyone can get behind.

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