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Save Perth Hills were back in the State Tribunal this week for $atterley Mediation Number 8 After a whole YEAR, $atterley still can’t convince anyone that their PROPOSED Anglican Church’s North $toneville, is not a DISASTER PLAN SPH presented compelling reasons why IT IS, including: - East Link is NOT a solution as it won’t get 4000+ people out of the firetrap development. - We need to wait on the Wooroloo Bushfire Inquiry findings - We need to wait on WA’s Bushfire Framework Review - A corner chunk of North $toneville is actually zoned ‘SMALL HOLDINGS’ (Farm-sized Lots!) so an ‘URBAN’ plan can’t be put on that bit of land! (OOPS!!) If they missed a detail like this, what else have they missed? - The Federal Government still won’t approve destroying 200+ bush hectares (more than half the size of Kings Park) - AND - just last week, the Fed Govt committed Australia to the UN Biodiversity Conference’s Kunming Environmental Declaration which states, in part: ‘to shape a future path for nature and people, where biodiversity is conserved and used sustainably.’

The Appeal was adjourned until March 2022 Yep - almost 5 more months! It means $atterley will avoid talking ‘FIRETRAP DEVELOPMENTS’, during their 4th BUSHFIRE SEASON up here. But. It gives us time to play some cards up our sleeve... starting soon...

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