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Climate Change -affects everyone

You might recall that the Perth’s Anglican Diocese – the Church’s business arm - is the landowner for proposed North $toneville... On Nov 4 the Diocese could withdraw its dangerous and destructive housing plan because it’s never going to work. Or, ...their business partner Satterley could seek an expensive taxpayer-funded Appeal to drag into 2023.

While this goes on, the Anglicans’ top clergyman, the Archbishop of Canterbury, described as ‘active and vocal on climate change’, has been in Australia. Last Friday he visited NSW’s Lismore, a town decimated recently by multiple floods. The Archbishop is quoted saying: “Seeing the devastation… brings it home. Let alone what it will be in a few years.” He adds - ‘Climate change – affects everyone.’ What part of Climate Change doesn’t the Perth Diocese understand? Building homes for 4000 people and adding two schools inside an Extreme Bushfire Zone makes no sense in this day and age... With climate change such an acute topic, clearing 1 hectare is unpalatable enough, let alone 550 hectares!

Take a read of the Archbishop’s Lismore visit – and hope, or pray, that the Perth Anglican Diocese reads it too...

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