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Directions Hearing

So much is wrong with WA’s planning processes. Our latest experience says it all... We weren’t allowed to present last week at $atterley’s 9th ‘North $toneville’ appeal, held in private, for 2 years. No surprise there. But the ‘OUTCOME’ is surprising... A ‘Directions Hearing’ phone hook-up for the major players on Sept 9... We googled ‘Directions Hearing’: - “A short court appearance where a judge or registrar make orders outlining next steps to resolve a dispute” So, we ask... Is the appeal over? Did $atterley FAIL? Did $atterley WIN? Will ‘North Stoneville’ go to a Full, PUBLIC hearing? (as it should).

No one will tell us. We understood (but strongly disagree) mediation is ‘confidential’. But surely taxpayers PAYING for this 2-year appeal, and the COMMUNITY who’ll be impacted by the outcome, deserve to understand what is going on?

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