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Environmental Report

Perth Hills’ teenager Andrew Wallace, a Year 8 student, has completed a remarkable environmental study into a 56-acre site north of Parkerville, adjacent to the proposed and controversial North Stoneville site. This study over three years is now an acclaimed environmental report: ‘Biodiversity records from native forest and cleared pasture adjacent to the proposed North Stoneville development site (Structure Plan 34) 2017-2020.’

His report found Marri and Jarrah trees were a prime feeding and breeding habitat for Endangered Black Cockatoos and a nesting pair of Wedge-tailed Eagles, with a diverse bird fauna of 77 identified species.

He concludes, the bush surrounding and in North Stoneville is diverse and should be preserved with care. Many of its fauna are rare or endangered and are only found in small remnant pockets around Perth. If North Stoneville (SP34) goes ahead, it will result in biodiversity loss and the further fragmentation of habitats. The bush land here is crucial breeding area for many animals and hundreds of valuable tree hollows will be lost.

Read the full report here.

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