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Environmental Report 2

Australia’s ancient land is home to a unique biodiversity - many of the plants and animals that live in south-western Australia are found no where else on Earth. We share this place with incredible wildlife. The reptiles that live in and around $atterley’s proposed urban townsite (AKA North $toneville) help make up this uniqueness.

Did you know that the report submitted by $atterley included no trapping work - an absolute standard in environmental survey work? Additionally, the report was based on a couple of days of surveying - how’s that enough for an area 1 and a half times bigger than Kings Park?

Have you sighted any others in the area that we should include here?


1. Take a look at our support document on how to respond to $atterley’s environmental report:

2. Write your environmental submission on $atterley’s Environment report

3. Send your submission to $atterley 🙄 but Cc in Save Perth Hills 😎 (for a little transparency)

4. Tag a friend to do the same!

✳️ submissions close on the 2nd of October 2020

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