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Hey Nigel Satterley!

  1. Hey Nigel Satterley! Do you remember what you said on 6PR Radio last year when you were asked about Perth's urban sprawl boundaries...? It was this 👇"The boundaries are set in my opinion. So, in the North up to Yanchep, Two Rocks. Then you go across to the foothills in the east up to Bullsbrook. So we’re saying that will be the boundaries most likely for the next 40-50 years". If the foothills are the urban boundary... WHY are you developing an urban housing estate DEEP int...o the Perth Hills? When we overlay SP34 onto a section of the Perth Hills .... ◼️ We see the scale of this development. ◼️ We get it when bushfire concerns are raised. ◼️ We see 1400 homes in a rural paddock. ◼️ We see urban sprawl. ◼️ We see the destruction of Perth's backyard and its rural amenity ◼️ We see the hills changing forever. THIS FLAWED PROPOSAL MUST BE WITHDRAWN. THE COMMUNITY SAYS NO! How does this proposed plan fit with the Government strategy of responsible development around existing transport nodes and Metronet? It is THIS and MANY other reasons why OUR community will be RALLYING at Sculpture Park this Sunday 15th March.✔️ Bring your entire street along - This is going to be BIG ✔️ We are anticipating that for the first time, people across Perth will be joining in ✔️ Bring your banners ✔️ Bring your family with you ✔️ DO NOT leave it to someone else - show up!

  2. IMPORTANT: due to expected crowds, aim to arrive at 9AM. We start at 9:30AM sharp and you won't want to miss it!

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