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Next month, Tuesday 27th AUGUST 2019 the Shire of Mundaring has advised there will be a Special Council Meeting to DECIDE on North $toneville. Exact timings and location will be posted shortly.

The clock is ticking for Perth’s Hills ⏰

Will our elected Councillors act on almost 1000 public submissions, 1500 rally campaigners and an angry and concerned COMMUNITY? Will they vote NO to high density suburbs in the Hills?


Email, ring or write to Councillors to remind them of their role to represent the community - and say NO to Satterley AND the Anglican Church.

These Councillors are a good start - the positions they hold are up for election in October:

• 📩 CrFisher@mundaring.wa.gov.au 📱 0439 420 781

• 📩 CrJeans@mundaring.wa.gov.au 📱 0427 732 750

• 📩 CrDaw@mundaring.wa.gov.au 📱 0437 997 325

• 📩 CrMartin@mundaring.wa.gov.au 📱 no number listed

• 📩 CrBrennan@mundaring.wa.gov.au 📱 0427 545 611

• 📩 CrFox@mundaring.wa.gov.au 📱 0417 329 129

The clock is ticking - HELP to SAVE Perth Hills 🍃

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