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Is $atterley for REAL?

His experience building in a fire risk zone is non-existent... and it is showing... WHY put suburbia in a Fire Risk zone?

This is getting ridiculous and it is why we ALL need to attend the 15th March - 9.30am Sculpture Park, Mundaring.

For N.$toneville: “Bushfire Attack Level (BAL LOW) ratings for homes not dissimilar to the rest of Perth... “...


take a look at Page 9 of this link. It shows just how out of touch the Satterley rhetoric is: https://satterley.com.au/documents-and-media/documents/wa/north-stoneville/north-stoneville-community-drop-in-day-display-boards-7-july-2019.pdf

In our last post, we featured Satterley’s CRAZY idea for a ‘100 metre Safe Zone‘ for 4000 residents to ‘safely gather during a bushfire emergency.’

Now they tell us - “Most sites (at North Stoneville) will not require increased construction standards for radiant heat or ember attack protection.”

What planet are they on???

And, this is despite the loss of 33 lives, more than 3000 homes and more than a billion animals in Australia’s current summer fire crisis, AND the 2008 fire in ‘North Stoneville’ and the 2014 Stoneville, Parkerville Mt Helena disaster that cost a life and 57 homes...

Satterley justifies this position stating: Fuel reduction to reduce bushfire risk to existing community.

In other words - wipe out 180 hectares of native vegetation and 100 year old and older jarrahs and marris - and North Stoneville becomes just another, treeless, bitumised sea of suburbia...

Don’t worry about ember attack from the surrounding EXTREME FIRE ZONE - or nearby National Park!

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