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It's PUB TIME people!

In preparation for a David and Goliath showdown at SAT (Appeal Tribunal), where $atterley’s lawyers have dragged North $toneville’s WA Planning Commission’s REJECTION for almost 1½ years, there’s been a heavy-weight recruitment…

$atterley returned to its old recruiting ground the WAPC, WA’s highest planning authority, to appoint Megan Adair to its starring role of Planning Director to lead $atterley’s drawn out mediation into 2022.

Megan replaces Ray Stokes, former 3-times WAPC Secretary who worked on North $toneville around 2002. Ray, too, later became $atterley’s Planning Director leading North $toneville, but exited without so much of a mention, last year… (Ray said he’d wait until WE ran out of steam)… pffft!

But like Ray, Megan knows a thing or two about the WAPC as a ‘WAPC Appointee’ on Govt Planning Committees 2018-2021. Megan was listed on WAPC’s July 2020 Committee to determine $atterley’s North $toneville master disaster plan, Megan became an ‘Apology’ but no reason was given. That Committee REJECTED North $toneville Megan continued on WAPC Committees till March 2021, including 6 months while $atterley’s Appeal against WAPC’s REJECTION was underway.

$atterley’s no doubt hoping for an Oscar Winning Performance from Megan at North $toneville’s Appeal hearings where she’ll sit alongside her partner Paul McQueen, who’s got the lead legal role as $atterley’s North $toneville lawyer…

We know this because Megan diligently declared ‘Disclosures of Interest’ on her Committees. We quote: “Ms Adair declared a PERCEIVED IMPARTIALITY INTEREST on (various dates) due to a personal relationship with Mr Paul McQueen, the Legal Counsel for the proponent.”

Paul and Megan already represented $atterley, together, at last October’s Appeal hearing. Their next scheduled partnered-appearance is March.

What do YOU think? - Should Megan have stepped down from WAPC Committees when $atterley’s WAPC Appeal, led by her partner, began in Sept 2020? (She stayed till March 2021). - Should Govt Appointees serve ‘time’ before taking up commercial roles that might benefit from their related experience? - How confident are you that WA’s Planning Processes are protected against competing private and commercial interests?

We’ve asked Planning Minister Rita Saffioti MLA similar questions, but 5 weeks and 2 letters later have had no reply…

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