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We've written letters, made calls and sent emails... and yet the Anglican Diocese of Perth (who own the land of 'proposed North Stoneville) still behaves like this community doesn't exist... So, we're asking all of you good people to do what you do best and SHOW UP!

...AND we are going to do it at the time of the Anglican Church 2019 Synod – translation: the annual meeting of Church Council 📣

This is OUR chance to tell the North Stoneville LANDOWNER that Stoneville is no place for an URBAN townsite.

It's time to hold this landowner accountable… PROFIT BEFORE PEOPLE is an unholy position! North Stoneville is a dangerous and destructive plan and must be stopped.

• BRING PLACARDS (keep em clean)

• BRING a small branch symbolic of the bush!

• BRING your friends and family to join us

Share your views on the attached letter and tag in someone who needs to join us in SAVING the Perth Hills!

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