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Jan 12 2014

With great respect, again, a Bushfire Trigger Warning applies to this important post.

9 years ago today... Jan 12, 2014.

Another sad and significant commemoration for our Community.

The Stoneville-Parkerville-Mt Helena bushfire catastrophe.

57 homes destroyed, and thousands impacted by a blaze that burned for 3 long weeks.

But we all know, bushfire trauma doesn’t end when the bushfire is out.

It’s taken almost 9 years of legal battles for Australia’s High Court to conclude that Western Power had a ‘DUTY OF CARE’ around the cause of this disaster.

Our thoughts are with all of you who endured the trauma of Jan 12 – Feb 1, and who continue to do so...

This is the bushfire $atterley and the Anglican Diocese pretended never happened to Stoneville. Their glossy North $toneville rhetoric omitted Stoneville from the 2014 bushfire emergency.

Shame on you, we say.

Save Perth Hills stands strong for all whose lives are permanently changed by this bushfire.

We stand united and committed to ensuring future planning in our Hills safeguards, not endangers, our increasingly bushfire prone community.

And we will never, ever forget...

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