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More Parkerville land under threat! - 15th April

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

An application has been made to rezone MORE land to URBAN in Parkerville under the Metropolitan Regional Scheme - This is your chance to make a public submission before 3 May 2019. Don't put it off - use the Submission Link now to submit to the WAPC.

The land between our little townsites, like the old Parkerville Farm at risk in this application, is meant to remain rural (In the current Mundaring Planning Scheme 4) so as to prevent continuous urban sprawl in our beautiful hills.

If this application goes ahead, with the existing North Stoneville Plans and now the proposed Parkerville Urban Expansion, there will be nothing more than one row of rural blocks between these townsites. This kind of erosion of the planning intent for the hills will set bad precedent and destroy the rural character which we all know and love - so get to work and make a submission!!


Put your 'planning matters caps' back on to write a good submission... This submission is to the Western Australian Planning Comission (WAPC)

- Environment (this site abuts Clutterbuck Creek in the Jane Brook Catchment), noise, light, vehicle pollution, tree clearing, wildlife).

- Bushfire (additional population on existing roads)

- Social (Views, amenity, cultural, economic eg tourism)

- Infrastructure or lack of - shops, roads, medical etc

- Planning scheme intent to keep rural buffers around townsites in the Mundaring Shire

- Traffic Impacts

- Vision of the Mundaring 2026 Plan 'A sense of Place, A sense of Space'

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