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New Planning Scheme

This is something Save Perth Hills has been working towards for 5 long years…

Council acceptance that the Shire’s important Local Planning Scheme 4, (LPS4), has been failing us all for way too long.

SPH gave a passionate deputation to Council outlining how LPS4 was contributing to potentially dangerous and destructive outcomes - eg - North $toneville urbanisation, as it lacked any relevancy for today’s realities such as increasing bushfire risks and environmental sensitivity. And Council agreed!

Hail LPS5… it will take time - but it will mean a safer and more sustainable approach to planning in the future.


This Echo Newspaper article has prompted Community members to ask me what Council’s decision means for planning in the Shire of Mundaring. Simply put, it’s positive news! Council agreed that our Shire’s current Local Planning Scheme is outdated and no longer fit for purpose. We’re seeking WA Planning Commission approval to create a new and contemporary Scheme that aligns to our Community’s expectations and our growth opportunities.

Creating a new Scheme is a large piece of work. It will offer Community input into improvements, zonings and land uses, to ensure our new Scheme meets our future needs, supported by infrastructure, bushfire risk management and environmental protection. Importantly, our new Scheme will define appropriate, sustainable development and housing choice in our Shire!

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